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1,158,111. Surgical stapling instruments. UNITED STATES SURGICAL CORP. 6 July, 1966 [6 July, 1965], No. 30354/66. Heading A5R. [Also in Division B4] A disposable staple magazine for attachment to a surgical stapling instrument comprises an elongated staple holder 10, 100 having a plurality of staple receiving slots (18), 104, spaced along its length and a plurality of drive members 30 (120, Fig. 23) engaged one in each slot and matable by the instrument, when the magazine is mounted thereon, to eject staples from the holder. A magazine 10 for mounting on a carrier 62, Fig. 12, and slidable in the mouth of a C - shaped jaw 50 of a stapling instrument, has side grooves 24 engageable with ribs 68 on the carrier and when in position faces a detachable anvil 49 mounted on the forward leg of the jaw 50.; The slots (18) are arranged either in two rows longitudinally of the holder or a single row transversely of the holder and the anvil has staple clinching depressions 54 in a corresponding pattern. An operating member 56 for moving the carrier toward and away from the forward leg of the jaw extends along the body 55 of the instrument. A pusher head 60 having a flat face, for engagement with a bridging member (28) interconnecting the drive members 30, is operated by a rod 58 extending through the body 55. In use, tissue is clamped between the magazine and the anvil by operating member 56 and the pusher head 60 is projected for driving the drive members 30 into the slots to eject all the staples simultaneously against the anvil.; For use with an instrument comprising two jaws 130, 136, Figure 18, extending forwardly from an instrument body 128, the magazine 100 is located in one jaw 136 so that on ejection the staples are pressed against staple clinching depressions 134 in an anvil surface of the other jaw. The staples are located in slots 104 with individual pusher plates (120) slidable therein. The magazine has a channel cross-section with the slots arranged in its side walls and open to the channel (126, Fig. 10). The instrument supports an inclined blade 150, which when the tissue is clamped between the jaws, is pushed into the channel (126), the inclined blade surface engaging cam studs (124, Fig. 20) attached to each pusher plate in turn so that the pusher plates eject the staples from the slots against the anvil one after the other.; As projection of the blade 150 continues, a cutting blade 154 depending from it severs tissue between the two rows of staples.

Surgical stapling instruments and staple magazines therefor
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GB19660030354 19660706
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1158111 (A)
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July 6, 1966
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July 16, 1969
United States Surgical
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