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1,155,448. Carbon electrodes. ESSO RESEARCH & ENG. CO. 9 Oct., 1967, No. 46008/67. Heading C1A. [Also in Division C5] A pitch binder for carbon electrodes is made by a process (see Division C5) which comprises (a) heating, under partial reflux conditions, a petroleum hydrocarbon in the presence of activated carbon to form an overhead fraction and a bottoms fraction; (b) separating said carbon from the bottoms fraction; (c) subjecting said bottoms fraction to a vacuum distillation to obtain the pitch product as the residuum. 31 wt. % of a mixture of the above pitch with 5% of carbon black is mixed at 300-325 F. with ground delayed petroleum coke that has been calcined at 2000 F. and of which 100% passes a 4-Tyler mesh screen and 30 wt. per cent passes a 200-Tyler mesh screen.; The resulting mixture is moulded in graphite molds and baked in an inert atmosphere at up to 1000 C. for 23-5 hours under applied pressure to simulate the weight of the green mix above a Soderberg electrode in an actual furnace. The a/m active carbon prepared by the destructive distillation of wood, lignite &c. is activated by heating e.g. to 800-900 C. with steam or C0 2 and has a surface area of 3600 ft2/gm.

A process for producing a petroleum based pitch
Application Number
GB19670046008 19671009
Publication Number
1155448 (A)
Application Date
October 9, 1967
Publication Date
June 18, 1969
King Laurence Frederick
Exxon Research Engineering Co
C10C 03/00
C10C 03/00
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