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115,443. Thompson, W. P., (Union Special Machine Co.). Oct. 28, 1916. Sewing - machines; feed by dogs; presserfeet; presser-wheels.- A sewing-machine for securing a stay strip to a previously seamed article, such as the sections of a shoe upper, is provided with a device located in advance of the presser-foot to flatten the seam before the strip is attached, thereby avoiding the necessity of the usual subsequent pounding operation, the device being mounted so that it can be swung to one side when not required or to permit the threading of the needles. The invention is described as applied to a machine having two needles 9, 10, Fig. 3, co-operating loopers 23, 24, a presser-foot 17 carried by a presser-bar 16, and a feed-dog 18.; The device for flattening the seam is disposed in front of the needles 9, 10 and takes the form of a presser-foot 51, Figs. 3 and 4, carried by a bar 38 journaled in a U- shaped frame 35 mountec. to swing on a pin 34 sbout a bracket 33 supported by the overhanging arm 7 of the machine. A second bar 41 is also journaled in the frame 35, and both bars are surrounded by springs. The bars also pass through the horizontal arms of a second U-shaped frame 44, which is secured to the arms by set-screws 45, 46. This frame carries a lug 49 adapted to engage a notched latch 50 to lock the device in its operative position; a can lever 48 engaging a roller 47 provides means for raising the frame, after which the whole device can be swung to one side about the pin 34.; The foot 51 is formed with rearwardly-extending arms in which is journaled a pressure roller 54, and, to support the feed-dog 18 against the thrust of this roller, the dog is extended at 55 and engaged by a roll 56 carried by an arm 57 fixed to a shaft 58, Fig. 6, to which is secured a member 62 having forked arms 61 to embrace a two-part block 60 surrounding an eccentric 59 on the main shaft 14 of the machine. This provides means for maintaining the roll 56 constantly in engagement with the extension 55, and for moving it up and down in time with the feed-dog. Fig. 13 shows in plan view a modified form of the device in which, instead of a single roller 54, there are three spaced rollers 54', 54, 54.

Improvements in and relating to sewing machines.
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GB19160015392 19161028
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115443 (A)
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October 28, 1916
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May 16, 1918
Thompson William Phillips
Thompson William Phillips
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