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1,153,980. Bituminous compositions. ESSO RESEARCH & ENG. CO. 18 March, 1968, No. 12920/68. Heading C3N. A bituminous composition comprises 25-40 wt per cent (a) a vacuum reduced aromatic hydrocarbon distillation residuum and 60-75 wt. per cent (b) oxidized solvent extract of a naphthenic base lubricating oil fraction, (a) May have softening-point 225-350 F; (b) may be an air-oxidized phenol extract of softening- point 50-150 F.

Bitumen composition of improved temperature susceptibility
Application Number
GB19680012920 19680318
Publication Number
1153980 (A)
Application Date
March 18, 1968
Publication Date
June 4, 1969
King Laurence Frederick
Exxon Research Engineering Co
C08L 95/00
C08L 95/00
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