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1,149,969. Circuit assemblies. SIEMENS A.G. 23 June, 1966 [25 June, 1965], No. 28107/66. Heading H1R. In a circuit assembly film components are formed on one face of an electrically insulating carrier plate and are embedded in a layer of adhesive synthetic resin material, as specified below, sandwiched between the carrier plate and a cover plate of electrically insulating material. The arrangement of Fig. 1 comprises capacitors 2, resistor 3 and a flat transistor 4 mounted on a glass carrier plate, 1 interconnected by flat conductors 5 and connected to contact surfaces 6 to which external conductors 7 are connected. A further glass cover plate 10 is spaced from the carrier plate 1 by means of spacers 14 and parallel thereto and the space between the two plates is filled by synthetic resin material 8.; In the arrangement of Fig. 3 (not shown) two of the assemblies shown in Fig. 1 are stacked one on top of the other, the resin flowing out to keep the whole stack together. The cover-plate can simultaneously serve as the carrier plate for further electrical components, Fig. 4 (not shown), the further components being arranged to face the components disposed upon the first carrier plate. The carrier plate of a further assembly may be employed as the cover-plate of the first assembly, Fig. 5 (not shown), in a stack. In Fig. 6 (not shown), three stacked component assemblies of the kind shown in Fig. 1 are provided, the assemblies being displaced through 90 degrees in relation to one another so that the connecting wires come out at different sides of the stack. Metal foils serving for heat dissipation may be inserted between the cover and carrier plates of stacked assemblies.; The adhesive material 8 comprises a flexible aliphatic and/or aromatic epoxy resin having an epoxy number between 0À25 and 0À5, or a mixture of such an epoxy resin with an epoxydized Novolac resin having an epoxy number between 0À54 and 0À57, methylendomethylene-tetrahydrophthalic anhydride as a hardener and tris-dimethylaminomethylphenol as an accelerator; or a rigid aromatic epoxy resin having an epoxy number of 0À53, a mixture of phthalic anhydride and tetrahydrophthalic anhydride as a hardener and p,p1-dimethylaminodiphenylmethane as an accelerator. Reference has been directed by the Comptroller to Specification 1,030,151.

Improvements in or relating to electronic circuit assemblies
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1149969 (A)
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June 23, 1966
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April 23, 1969
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