114,262. Winchler, A. E., and Baker &. Co., G. F. Aug. 31, 1917. Pianoforte actions, springs for. A hand tool for making springs for pianoforte and player actions comprises a slotted plate F with pins A, B, C at one end and a metal guide with a screw D and nut E for adjustably fixing the plate to a handle J. In use, wire is bent about the pins A, B, C and coiled round a smooth extension of the screw D; jack, butt, and hopper springs can thus be made all alike.

A portable tool or appliance for making piano and player piano action springs all alike and to any desired length.
Application Number
GB19170012518 19170831
Publication Number
114262 (A)
Application Date
August 31, 1917
Publication Date
March 28, 1918
Alice Emily Winckler
G F Baker And
G10C 09/00
G10C 09/00
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