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1,140,836. Phthalocyanine pigments. GEIGY (U.K.) Ltd. 22 Feb., 1967 [22 Feb., 1966], No. 7751/66. Heading C4P. The properties of metal phthalocyanine blue pigments are improved by mixing the phthalocyanine in dry pigmentary form with a polar aliphatic solvent which is at least partially water-miscible and separating the solvent from the treated pigment. Solvents mentioned are methanol, ethanol, npropanol, isopropanol, n-butanol, ethyl acetate, acetone, methylethylketone, 2-methoxyethanol, 2-ethoxyethanol, ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol. The solvent may contain dissolved water.

Treatment of phthalocyanine pigments
Application Number
GB19660007751 19660222
Publication Number
1140836 (A)
Application Date
February 22, 1966
Publication Date
January 22, 1969
Langley Robert
Malin David Frederick
C09B 67/00
C09B 67/50
C09B 67/12
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