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1,127,274. Aerials. BOLKOW G.m.b.H. 8 March, 1967 [11 March, 1966], No. 11002/67. Heading H4A. In a directional aerial for a flying vehicle an axially symmetrical dielectric delay lens 41, Fig. 4, has an outer surface 41b which forms the nose of the said vehicle, and an inner plane or concave surface 41a which faces a primary horn radiator 40. The lens 41 is preferably made of a low-loss material with a dielectric constant, for example, of about 2À1 and the outer surface 41b may be provided with a harder dielectric protective skin. The horn 40 is preferably of pyramid shape and extended to the edge of the lens 41 in order to reduce side lobes. The feed to the horn 40 may be equally divided into two parts 42, 43 and a ferrite phase shifter 44 be placed in the latter.; When a coil 45 is energized the beam emerging from the lens 41 is deviated, and by rotation of the vehicle scanning may be effected.

Directional aerial for flying bodies
Application Number
GB19670011002 19670308
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1127274 (A)
Application Date
March 8, 1967
Publication Date
September 18, 1968
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