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1,117,846. Teaching gunnery. CONTRAVES, A.G. 22 March, 1966 [2 April, 1965], No. 12482/66. Heading F3C. An apparatus for simulating firing on a freely movable target comprises a television camera trained on the target by the gunner, distance adjusting means into which the distance of the target estimated by the gunner is fed and a distance error computer for ascertaining the difference between the estimated and actual target distance. A video store member is also provided which stores momentary camera pictures and a flying time computer which is set in operation by the gunner releasing a firing signal and which after the flying time for a projectile over the estimated distance interrupts any further storing of camera pictures in the video store.; The firing signal also actuates a means which prevents the camera from being trained further in azimuth and locks the distance adjusting means. A difference signal from the distance error computer is then fed into the video store to superimpose a hit pattern on the last picture from the camera such that the hit pattern is produced on the vertical diameter of the picture field with an upper and lower offset relative to the centre of the picture corresponding to the distance error. The television camera may serve as the gun or it may be mechanically coupled to a gun. The real distance is ascertained from a distance measuring device.

Training- and testing-plant for the simulated firing at freely movable targets
Application Number
GB19660012482 19660322
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1117846 (A)
Application Date
March 22, 1966
Publication Date
June 26, 1968
F41G 03/00
F41G 03/26
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