111,736. Turner, J. G. Dec. 27, 1916. Disinfecting.-Apparatus for sterilizing surgical instruments comprises a container A for the sterilizing-fluid and instruments, connected by a pipe G to a float chamber C. A cistern B surrounding the float chamber communicates therewith by a pipe L, the supply of fluid being controlled by a valve F carried by the float D. Electric heating elements I may be arranged in the sterilizer-container beneath a false bottom H and the current may be controlled by a switch operated by a small float, not shown, in tho container. Alternatively, the apparatus may be heated by any ordinary means.

Improved sterilising apparatus.
Application Number
GB19160018526 19161227
Publication Number
111736 (A)
Application Date
December 27, 1916
Publication Date
December 13, 1917
Turner Joseph George
Turner Joseph George
A61L 02/04
A61L 02/06
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