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1,098,219. Tufting machines, tufted fabrics. SINGER CO. Nov. 11, 1966 [Nov. 15, 1965], No. 50551/66. Headings DIG and D1K. Pile fabric is formed by projecting a yarncarrying needle through a backing fabric to form a first loop, holding the first loop while the needle is withdrawn, advancing the backing fabric, projecting the needle through the backing fabric and through the first loop to form a second loop, releasing the first loop so that it collapses and surrounds the second loop, holding the second loop while the needle is withdrawn, and releasing the second loop so that it projects loosely from the backing fabric and is engaged by the first loop. A main shaft 10, journalled in side plates (2), 3 secured to side members 8 of a stand 6, reciprocates a needle bar 38 carrying needles 39 which pass between fingers 21, 91 projecting from lower and upper plates 20 and 90 respectively.; The backing fabric F is supported by plate 20 and is fed in the direction A by rolls 22, 23. Yarn Y is supplied to the needles by feed rolls 44 via an oscillating take-up bar 57. An oscillating shaft 82 carries first loopers 80 which move towards the needles against the direction of work feed. Second loopers 74 are reciprocated from a rotary shaft 66 and move towards the needles in the direction of work feed. Shafts 66 and 82 turn at half the speed of shaft 10. The arrangement is such that on a first penetration of a needle at a point S1, the loop L1 thrown by the subsequently rising needle-is held by a looper 80 until the needle passes through loop L1 at a second penetration at a point S2. Looper 74 then holds the loop L2 formed by the ascending needle.; When the needles are fully raised, plate 90 is moved laterally by a distance equal to the needle spacing, whereby the descending needle lays an upper loop L3 over a finger 91. The cycle is then repeated.

Tufting machines for producing terry-like fabrics
Application Number
GB19660050551 19661111
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1098219 (A)
Application Date
November 11, 1966
Publication Date
January 10, 1968
Singer Co
D05C 15/00
D05C 15/22
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