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1,087,228. Coaxial connectors. AUTOMATIC METAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION. March 21, 1966, No. 12278/66. Heading H2E. The tubular conducting body 16 (Fig. 2) of a coaxial connector is conically tapered at one end 18 and forced between the inner insulation 29 and outer conductor 30 of a coaxial cable 23, and a plastics insulating sleeve 22 with a frustoconical surface 26 is forced over the tapered end 18 of the body 16 to grip the outer cable insulation 31 and to force the outer conductor 30 into annular grooves 20 in the body 16. The sleeve 22 has resilient end walls 25 terminating in an annular pawl 24 for engagement with annular ratchet teeth 21 on the body 16. The bared inner insulation 29 of the cable abuts a counterbore 19 in a tubular insulator 17, and the inner conductor 27 is soldered or otherwise secured to a terminal pin 28.

Electrical connectors for coaxial cables
Application Number
GB19660012278 19660321
Publication Number
1087228 (A)
Application Date
March 21, 1966
Publication Date
October 18, 1967
Schwartz Oscar
Automatic Metal Products
H01R 13/00
H01R 09/05
H01R 13/646
H01R 09/05
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