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Dyes are stabilized to light by the addition of a compound of the formula Ar-N-R1R2, wherein R1 is alkyl, hydroxyalkyl or alkane sulphonamido-alkyl, R2 is hydrogen, alkyl, hydroxyalkyl or alkane sulphonamidoalkyl, and Ar is phenyl which may be substituted by alkyl or alkoxy groups or any two of R1, R2 and Ar may together with the nitrogen atom form a heterocyclic ring such as quinoline. The amines include such compounds as N-methyl-aniline, N-ethyl-toluidine and N-(2-methanesulphonamidoethyl) - 1:2:3:4 - tetrahydroquinoline. The dyes may have one of the following formulae

Improvements in or relating to the stabilisation of dyes
Application Number
GB19630034305 19630829
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1058642 (A)
Application Date
August 29, 1963
Publication Date
February 15, 1967
Fuji Photo Film
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