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Poly-beta-hydroxy butyric acid and poly-beta-hydroxy propionic acid are used to make surgical sutures and prosthetic devices. Poly-beta-hydroxy butyric acid may be prepared by growing cultures of bacteria (e.g. Bacillus megaterium, Rhodospirillium rubrum and species of Rhizobium) in glucose, yeast and mineral medium harvesting the cells by centrifugation, drying the cells, extracting the polymer from the cells with chloroform and then either precipitating the polymer from the chloroform solution with ether or evaporating the chloroform under vacuum.; Poly-beta-hydroxy propionic acid may be prepared by subjecting beta-propiolactone at -40 DEG to -60 DEG C. to radiation, and then recovering the produced polymer.ALSO:Absorbable surgical prosthetic devices, films and sutures are made (e.g. by compression moulding, extruding, casting, melt spinning or spinning from solution) of poly-beta-hydroxybutyric acid or poly-beta-hydroxy propionic acid. The polymers may be sterilized by heating or by applying super-heated steam.

Absorbable prosthetic devices and surgical sutures
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GB19630011757 19630325
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1034123 (A)
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March 25, 1963
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June 29, 1966
Grace W R & Co
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