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Block copolymers of conjugated dienes and vinyl substituted aromatic hydrocarbons are hydrogenated by contacting a solution of the polymer in an inert solvent with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst comprising the reaction product of a compound of nickel, manganese, molybdenum or tungsten with an aluminium-containing reducing agent, e.g. an organoaluminium compound, aluminium hydride, lithium aluminium hydride and aluminium powder. The catalysts may be used either in the form of a slurry or on a support, e.g. kieselguhr. The resulting solutions of hydrogenated polymer may be used in the productions of films and fibres, or they may be converted into latices by the addition of water and the removal of emulsifier. Alternatively, the hydrogenated polymer may be recovered from the solution and used in the production of mouldings and adhesive.; The examples describe the hydrogenation of polystyrene - polyisoprene-polystyrene block copolymers using, as catalysts, cobalt acetate and octoate and nickel acetate and acetylacetonate reduced by aluminium triethyl.

Process for the catalytic hydrogenation of block copolymers
Application Number
GB19640052469 19641224
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1020720 (A)
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December 24, 1964
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February 23, 1966
Wald Milton Max
Quam Myron G
Shell Int Research
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