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1,012,461. Treating polyester filaments. TOYO RAYON KABUSHIKI KAISHA. Aug. 20, 1963 [Aug. 29, 1962; Feb. 22, 1963], No. 32926/63. Heading B5B. An unoriented filament or fibre consisting of polyethylene terephthalate containing 0À01-25 mol per cent of a second component based on the recurring ethylene terephthalate unit, is stretched, heat treated at a temperature within the range 140 C. to a temperature 8 C. below the m.p. of the fibre while allowing contraction of 3-60% of its stretched length, and again stretched at a temperature of not more than 225 C. to an extent of at least 3% of its contracted length. Preferably, the initial stretching is carried out at 50-180 C. to an extent of 2À8-6À0 times the original length. Heating of the fibre may be effected by hot air, steam, liquid bath or a heated solid surface. Specification 735,171 is referred to.

Production of polyester yarn
Application Number
GB19630032926 19630820
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1012461 (A)
Application Date
August 20, 1963
Publication Date
December 8, 1965
Toyo Rayon
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