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Food in a solid form, comprises hypercaloric form having a caloric density of >= 450 kcal/100 g and normal or hyperproteined form comprising a protein content of greater than 6 wt.%. An independent claim is included for a preparation of the food, preferably a cake or pastry, having 6-12 wt.% of protein, comprising mixing of eggs, water, a humectant, egg whites, sugar and fatty substance, preferably 25-75% of the final quantity, incorporating flour, mixing, optionally incorporating the rest of the fatty material, mixing, pouring and baking the mixture, optionally injecting the filling (preferably chocolate), preferably comprising at least an addition of a nutrient, and optionally moistening the food with a solution (preferably hydro-alcoholic or aqueous solution), preferably at least an addition of a nutrient.

Food in a solid form, useful as nutritional supplements, preferably cakes or pastry, comprises hypercaloric form and normal or hyperproteined form comprising protein
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FR20070053037 20070202
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2912035 (A1)
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February 2, 2007
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August 8, 2008
Dechelotte Pierre
Petit Andre
Univ Rouen
Chu Rouen
Aliscience Soc Par Actions Sim
A23G 03/34
A23G 03/54
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