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Trap (1) has a pyrotechnic electrical ignition firecracker (2) placed in a tunnel (3) of an animal. An outer case (4) has an electrical supply source (5) e.g. alkaline battery, for firing the firecracker and a firing contactor button (6). A transmission device (7) transmits movement of the animal for mechanical control of the button. An electronic safety system is arranged to only permit firing after a determined time (t) accounted from the striking of a trap corresponding to a specific event e.g. plugging of the firecracker. An independent claim is also included for a method for prohibiting the untimely firing of a firecracker.

Mole trap for e.g. garden, has electronic safety system arranged to only permit firing of pyrotechnic ignition firecracker placed in animal tunnel, after determined time accounted from striking of trap relating to plugging of firecracker
Application Number
FR20060001470 20060220
Publication Number
2897510 (A1)
Application Date
February 20, 2006
Publication Date
August 24, 2007
Milon Christophe
Milon Jean
Far Ouest Sarl
A01M 27/00
A01M 27/00
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