2719078-A1 cites 5 patents.

The wooden frame has a listel (3) on the internal face of the uprights and top cross-member which is positioned in a groove (2) in the door frame (1). It is fixed to the frame by a concealed fixing. The groove has a longitudinal cavity (4) in which the listel is fitted.The listel has an extension in the form of a fir tree tail which is inserted in the groove longitudinal cavity. There is a complementary part in the shape of a double fir tree tail (7) which is fitted from the side in the longitudinal cavity in the groove and in a homologous cavity on the length of the listel in its face.

Wooden opening door frame
Application Number
FR19940005278 19940422
Publication Number
2719078 (A1)
Application Date
April 22, 1994
Publication Date
October 27, 1995
Francis Barrault
Jean Michel Girard
Claude Rineau
Mc France
E06B 01/06
E06B 01/04
E06B 01/04
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