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The clamp (10) is of the type comprising two pivoting branches (11, 12) and the ligament is of the type of which one end comprises means for engagement and retention of its other end. According to the invention, one of the branches (11) is substantially straight and is designed to be immobilised with respect to the end of the ligament fitted with the said engagement and retention means. The other branch (12) is bent and equipped with a clamping jaw (20) which can grip, without possibility of sliding, the other end (2a) of the ligament after this end has passed around the bone parts to be held by the ligament.

Surgical clamp for tensioning an osteosynthesis ligament
Application Number
FR19930009317 19930723
Publication Number
2707864 (A1)
Application Date
July 23, 1993
Publication Date
January 27, 1995
Jean Taylor
Taylor Jean
A61B 17/70
A61B 17/88
A61B 17/88
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