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The rigid case (100) has the video recorder (200) to record and replay sound and pictures to speakers (500) and the screen (400). The console (300) is separate from the recorder and lies at the front of a technical tray (110). The touch keys ensure the operation of the control circuits to the video recorder and the input and output connectors (320). The screen may or may not be integral with the recorder. The video camera is a standard 8 mm type and is connected to the case through an external connector (130) linking with the recorder. The video disc camera (600) produces still photographs while an aerial (800) may receive radio signals. USE/ADVANTAGE - E.g. for presentation of product for sale, filming meeting, police record of incident, work study evaluation, surgical procedure, publicity etc. Reduced size and weight, autonomous information processor, flexible use.

Attache case containing battery powered audio-visual equipment - has video camera, video recorder and video disc camera with liquid crystal screen and loudspeaker controlled by touch pad console
Application Number
FR19920011125 19920916
Publication Number
2695785 (A1)
Application Date
September 16, 1992
Publication Date
March 18, 1994
Patrice Vancheri
Vancheri Patrice
H04N 05/28
H04N 05/765
H04N 05/765
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