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The clamping finger (15) belongs to a balance arm (16) pivoting about a pin (17). The rod (5) of a thrust cylinder acts on the balance arm (16) via a system of connecting rods, the upstream end of which is articulated to the end of the thrust cylinder rod (5), and the downstream end of which is articulated about an operating pin (23) of the balance arm (16). The expansion of the thrust cylinder brings the finger (15) to a distance from the clamping plane (14) which corresponds to the predetermined thickness (e) of the component (25) to be clamped. According to the invention, the device includes compensating means (7-10) designed to exert, on the pin (23), or to withstand from the said pin, and to absorb a force, the sense of which is determined by the insufficient thickness (e- delta ) or excessive thickness (e+ delta ) of the object (25), by virtue of which the separation between the clamping plane (14) and the clamping finger (15) is adjusted in order to absorb, if need be, the tolerance variations (+/- delta ) in the thickness of the said object.

Device for clamping an object of predetermined thickness between a fixed clamping plane and a clamping finger
Application Number
FR19910004625 19910416
Publication Number
2675417 (A1)
Application Date
April 16, 1991
Publication Date
October 23, 1992
Pierre Garcia
Jean Louis Cassier
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