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The invention relates to a device for bulk supply of a machine for uprighting and aligning containers coupled to a bottling line, the said containers being arranged, in the vertical position, on the bottom of various packagings stacked on an elevating platform (5) moving stage by stage, the said device including means capable of level-by-level removal of the said packagings (3) and containers (4) from a pallet, the said means being associated with a hopper for recovery of the said containers, coupled to a transporter which supplies the uprighting and aligning machine in bulk. According to the invention, the means capable of removal from a pallet employ: - a transverse arm (7) driven in a translational movement and pushing the containers; - arms (10) which seize the sides of the packaging by means of clamps; - a carriage (11), driven in a translational movement, carrying movable arms provided with suction pads (13) and driven in a relative movement with respect to the said carriage.

Device for bulk supply of a machine for uprighting and aligning containers
Application Number
FR19890016072 19891128
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2655033 (A1)
Application Date
November 28, 1989
Publication Date
May 31, 1991
Sala Jaime Marti
Sala Jaime Marti
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B65G 59/00
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