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This invention relates to a card with electronic microcircuits 140 with a reinforced structure and to a method of manufacturing such a card including a sheet 11 in which the microcircuits are carried by a substrate 130 in a cavity 12 in two parts 13, 14. It is characterised in that the sheet is produced in at least two main layers 110, 111 of materials, superimposed and integral with one another, and in that at least one junction plane between two main layers lies between the bottom 15 of the first part 13 of the cavity and the bottom of the second part 14.

Card with electronic microcircuits and a method of manufacturing this card
Application Number
FR19870018321 19871229
Publication Number
2625350 (A1)
Application Date
December 29, 1987
Publication Date
June 30, 1989
Marechal Claude
Dufour Michel
Bull Cp8
G06K 19/02
G06K 19/077
G06K 19/077
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