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The barrage element is mainly intended for falls of a height of a few metres. It comprises a channel 1 having a bottom 2 intended to be fastened onto a substructure arranged in the ground. Two side walls 4 rise from the bottom 2 and extend substantially, parallel to the current 4. A screen 6 is contiguous with the bottom 2 and with the two side walls 3 and extends transversely relative to these. It has passing through it an orifice 8 intended for communicating with a hydraulic turbine. A grating 19 is installed obliquely at the entrance 12 of the channel 1. The invention is used for prefabricating at the factory, at least up to the semi-assembled state, an element which can be appropriate in a very large number of barrage locations.

Hydraulic barrage element and processes for installing it.
Application Number
FR19820013315 19820730
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2531118 (A1)
Application Date
July 30, 1982
Publication Date
February 3, 1984
Bonnefoy Louis
Bellier Jacques
Simon Roland
Durafour Construction
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