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A method and apparatus for processing a radiation image in a radiation image recording system in which a stimulable phosphor is stimulated with a scanning stimulating beam and the light emitted from the stimulable phosphor upon stimulation by the stimulating beam is detected by a detector which generates an output which is processed and used for recording a visible image on a recording material. In the processing of the detected output, an operation represented by a formula S'=Sorg+ beta (Sorg-Sus) is conducted, where Sorg is the original image signal detected by the detector, beta is an emphasis coefficient, and Sus is an unsharp mask signal corresponding to a super-low spatial frequency at every scanning point. The unsharp masking process may be performed together with a gradation process, reduction of image size, smoothing process and the like. Further, the emphasis coefficient may be varied with either the original image signal Sorg or the unsharp mask signal Sus.

Method and apparatus for processing a radiation image
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FR19790031668 19791226
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2469910 (A1)
Application Date
December 26, 1979
Publication Date
May 29, 1981
Matsumoto Seiji
Ishida Masamitsu
Kato Hisatoyo
Fuji Photo Film
G03B 41/16
A61B 06/02
G06F 15/42
H04N 01/409
H04N 01/409
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