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A reactor for generating combustible fuel gases comprising a chamber, an inclined grate extending from adjacent the top of the chamber to near the bottom and sloping forwardly within the chamber from the top to the bottom, said grate dividing the chamber into a primary chamber at the forward side of the grate and an antechamber at the rear side, a conveyor for delivering a solid fuel such as wood chips and other chopped-up woody material to the upper end of the grate at a rate to maintain a continuous bed of fuel from top to bottom, a blower for delivering primary air to a plenum chamber at the downwardly facing side of the grate to sustain combustion of the fuel at the lower end of the bed and to generate sufficient heat above the place of combustion to effect destructive distillation of a portion of the fuel in the bed above the place of combustion said primary air at said place of combustion converting the charcoal remaining after distillates have passed off descending from the place of distillation to CO and ash, an ash pit at the lower end of the grate for receiving the ash, a conveyor situated in the ash pit for removal of the ash to make room for descent of the fuel from above and a port in the forward wall of the mixing chamber at the downwardly facing side of the grate thru which the mixed distillate and CO are removed.

Apparatus for producing combustible gases from carbonaceous materials
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FR19770007876 19770316
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2344623 (A1)
Application Date
March 16, 1977
Publication Date
October 14, 1977
Caughey Robert
C10B 53/02
C10J 03/02
C10J 03/02
C10J 03/20
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