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The drill instrument is used for forming drilled channels extending in curves in the bone. To this end, a guide tube (2) curved in a manner corresponding to the drilled channel is secured on a handpiece (1) of the drill instrument. The guide tube (2) is designed at its front end as a bearing (3) for a drill bit (4), which is driven via a flexible shaft extending in the guide tube (2), which flexible shaft in turn is connected to a drive element in the handpiece (1). The guide tube (2) can be detached from the handpiece (1), and the flexible shaft can be separated from the drive element and removed from the guide tube (2), so that it is possible, after drilling the bone, to leave the guide tube (2) temporarily on its own in the drilled channel in the manner of an indwelling cannula.

Appareil de perforation pour chirurgie osseuse
Application Number
FR19770005078 19770222
Publication Number
2344267 (A1)
Application Date
February 22, 1977
Publication Date
October 14, 1977
Ulrich Max
A61B 17/16
A61B 17/16
A61B 17/16
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