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1,262,158. Fusible interlinings. CARL FREUDENBERG. 11 Feb., 1969 [14 Feb., 1968], No. 7339/69. Heading B2E. [Also in Division C3] A fusible interlining comprises a fabric having a discontinuous coating of a thermoplastic polymeric composition having a softening point between 30 and 160 C., which is substantially unaffected on storage at ambient temperatures, and undergoes cross-linking on heating at 140-180 C. The polymer may be a single polymer containing functional groups which produce cross-linking or a mixture of a polymer containing functional groups which react with a low molecular weight compound mixed therewith to produce the cross-linking. Preferably the polymeric component contains acrylic or methacrylic -acid ester units, but units of acrylonitrile, styrene, vinylidene chloride, vinyl acetate, vinyl propionate and vinyl chloride may also be present. Polymeric materials in which the functional groups may constitute: part of a polymer chain may contain methylolated carbamate groups. When such polymers are used a catalyst such as magnesium chloride, zinc nitrate or ammonium citrate should be present in the composition applied to the fabric. Suitable low molecular weight compounds which can be added to polymers are masked diisocyanates, dihydroxyethyl sulphone or a methylolated compound such as dimethylol amino carbamate or dimethylol hydroxy ethylene urea.

Iron-on interlinings
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FR19690003547 19690213
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2001893 (A5)
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February 13, 1969
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October 3, 1969
Freudenberg Carl Fa
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