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1,253,143. Combating weeds using urea derivatives. CIBA-GEIGY A.G. 13 Feb., 1969 [13 Feb., 1968; 11 July, 1968], No. 7904/69. Heading ASE. A method for selectively combating weeds in a crop area containing cereal, maize, rice or sugar cane comprises applying to the urea a compound of formula:- in which Y is F or Br; Y 1 is H, Me, CF 3 or MeO; Y 2 is F, Br, Me, CF 3 or MeO; and R is H, C 1-4 alkyl or MeO. CMPP, ioxynil, bromoxynil, benzaldoxime ethers, urea derivatives and triazines also may be present.

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Application Number
FR19690003235 19690212
Publication Number
2001791 (A5)
Application Date
February 12, 1969
Publication Date
October 3, 1969
Ciba Geigy
C07C 127/00
A01N 09/00
A01N 47/28
A01N 47/30
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