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1,216,549. Secondary cells with electrodes containing organic semiconductors. CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE. 19 Feb., 1968 [20 Feb., 1967], No. 7992/68. Heading H1B. [Also in Division C3] Secondary cells with an aqueous electrolyte have at least one electrode comprising a polymeric organic semi-conductor in contact with both the electrolyte and a metallic current collector. Both electrodes may comprise the polymeric semi-conductor or the anode may be non-metallic. The polymeric semi-conductor may be pelletized with or without a plastics binder, or used in combination with a polymer membrane or a fabric, or impregnated or grafted on to fibres. The polymeric organic semi-conductors may be: (1) oxidation products of aromatic amines; (2) reaction products of hydroxyquinones and aromatic dicarboxylic acid anhydrides; (3) polycondensation products of resorcinol and aromatic acid dianhydrides (4) phthalocyanines, (5) polycondensates obtained by the reaction of sulphur with aromatic amines, phenols, or aminophenols; (6) ferrocene-aldehyde or ferrocene-ketone condensates; (7) Schiff polybases from p-phenylenediamine and a dicarbonyl compound; (8) polyhydrazones or polyazines; (9) polymers obtained by heating or oxidizing indanthrene browns or blacks; (10) polycondensates from aromatic amines and quinones; (11) polycondensates from chloranil and an aromatic diamine; (12) polypyrrole or polyimidazole; (13) the polymer of 4-chloropyridine; or (14) polymeric diazoic compounds from 2,8,6 -aminonaphthol-sulphonic acid and benzidine.

Organic electrode
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FR19670095630 19670220
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1519729 (A)
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February 20, 1967
Publication Date
April 5, 1968
Buvet Rene
Perichon Jacques
Yu Liang Tse
Jozefowicz Marcel
Centre Nat Rech Scient
H01M 10/36
H01M 04/36
H01M 10/36
H01M 04/60
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