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869,057. Vehicle sliding roofs. BAIER, L. BAIER, W., BAIER, W., BAIER, W., and SCHLUMPRECHT, E:, [trading as BAIER KOMM.-GES., WILHELM.]. Nov. 9, 1959 [Nov. 24, 1958], No. 37951/59. Class 108(1). The raising of the rear end of a sliding roof panel is resisted by a leaf spring 5 acting on the shoe'when it leaves the channel 4 thus providing a positive withdrawing force to lower the rear edge of the panel when it is opened. This downward force may be produced by a resilient arm or by an adjustable coil spring.

Improvements in and relating to rigid sliding roofs
Application Number
FR19590811140 19591124
Publication Number
1241505 (A)
Application Date
November 24, 1959
Publication Date
September 16, 1960
Baier Wilhelm Kg
B60J 07/04
B60J 07/053
B60J 07/04
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