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[en] The application relates to a binaural listening system comprising first and second listening devices adapted for being located at or in left and right ears, respectively, of a user, the binaural listening system being adapted for receiving a wirelessly transmitted signal comprising a target signal and an acoustically propagated signal comprising the target signal as modified by respective first and second acoustic propagation paths from an audio source to the first and second listening devices. The application further relates to a method and to an audio processing system. The object of the present application is to provide a scheme for providing spatial information to an audio signal streamed to a pair of listening devices of a binaural listening system. The problem is solved in that the first and second listening devices each comprise an alignment unit for aligning the first and second streamed target audio signals with the first and second propagated electric signals in the first and second listening devices, respectively, to provide first and second aligned streamed target audio signals in the first and second listening devices, respectively. The invention may e.g. be used in applications comprising simultaneous acoustic propagation and wireless transmission of an audio signal to an audio receiving device.

[fr] Système découte adapté à la communication en temps réel fournissant des informations spatiales dans un flux audio
[de] Für Echtzeitkommunikation mit räumlicher Informationsbereitstellung in einem Audiostrom angepasstes Hörsystem
[en] A listening system adapted for real-time communication providing spatial information in an audio stream
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2584794 (A1)
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October 17, 2011
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April 24, 2013
H04R 5/04
G09B 21/04
H04R 25/00
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