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[en] A spacing/levelling device (10) for laying slab products (P) for cladding laying surfaces which comprises a base (20), positionable below the laying surface of at least two adjacent and flanked slabs (P) with respect to a flanking direction (A), from which at least a separator element (30) projects, suitable for contacting at least a portion of the facing flanks of the two slab products (P) and presser means (40) associated to the separator element (30) and suitable for pressing the in-view surfaces of the slab products (P) towards the base (20) such as to level them, the peculiarity of the invention consisting in comprising at least a corner spacer (50) which projects from the base (20), squared with respect to the separator element (30) and destined to come into contact with perpendicular flanks to the facing flanks of the slabs (P) for alignment thereof along a direction (D) that is perpendicular to the flanking direction (A), the corner spacer (50) being mobile between a lowered position in which the bulk thereof is at least partially contained within the area of the base (20), and a raised position, in which it projects superiorly of the base (20).

[fr] Dispositif despacement/nivellement de pose de revêtement de surface pour produits de dalle
[de] Abstands-/Nivelliervorrichtung zum Legen von Plattenprodukten zur Oberflächenverkleidung
[en] A Spacing/Levelling Device for Laying Slab Products for Surface Cladding
Application Number
Publication Number
2565346 (A1)
Application Date
July 25, 2012
Publication Date
March 6, 2013
E04F 15/02
E04F 21/00
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