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The invention relates to a track-bound single-car or multi-car transportation vehicle (10) provided with a first end (12A) facing a first direction (14A), a second end (12B) facing a second, opposite, direction (14B), and a driving cabin (18) for driving the vehicle (10) in the first and second directions, the driving cabin comprising a visual display screen assembly (24) for displaying real time images of the track from the first end (12A) of the vehicle towards the first direction (14A) characterized in that the driving cabin (18) includes a sitting assembly (20) for sitting the driver in a first sitting position towards the first direction (14A) in front of the visual display screen assembly (24), and for sitting the driver in a second sitting position towards the second direction (14B), and a control desk assembly (22) for driving the track-bound vehicle in the first direction (14A) from the first sitting position, and for driving the track-bound vehicle in the second direction (14B) from the second sitting position.

Rail vehicle provided with a remote control desk
Schienenfahrzeug mit Fernbedienungspult
Véhicule ferroviaire fourni avec un bureau de commande à distance
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EP20110000656 20110127
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2481653 (A1)
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January 27, 2011
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August 1, 2012
B61C 17/04
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