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The invention relates to a Switch Mode Assisted Linear Amplifier (1), SMALA, for amplification of a baseband input signal (V S ), comprising: a linear stage (2) adapted to perform linear amplification of the baseband input signal (V s ), a hysteretic control stage (7) for generating a pulse-width modulated signal (V sw ) from a current (I lin ) produced by the linear stage (2), and a switching stage (8) adapted to amplify the pulse-width modulated signal (V sw ) to generate a further current (I sw ) which is added to the current (I lin ) of the linear stage (2). The hysteretic control stage (7) comprises a high-precision Schmitt trigger (7b) with two high-speed comparators, preferably having a rise time of less than ten nanoseconds, and with a RS flip-flop for generating a pulse-width modulated signal (V sw ) being well-defined over the entire amplified baseband frequency range.

Switch mode assisted linear amplifier for baseband signal amplification
Application Number
EP20090001271 20090130
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EP2214304 (A1)
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January 30, 2009
Publication Date
August 4, 2010
Wiegner Dirk
Luz Gerhard
Machinal Robin
Alcatel Lucent Deutschland
H03K 03/00
H03F 01/02
H03K 03/3565
H03F 01/02
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