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The invention is directed to a method of providing a plastic substrate (1) with a metallic pattern (8) and to a plastic substrate (1) with a metallic pattern (8) obtainable by said method. The method of the invention comprises i) replicating a pattern of recesses and protrusions on a plastic substrate (1) by pressing a stamp having recesses and protrusions against the substrate, thereby providing said plastic substrate (1) with recesses and protrusions; ii) removing said stamp from said substrate; iii) - providing a layer of seed material (2) capable of initiating an electroless or electrochemical metal deposition process onto said plastic substrate at least in the recesses of said plastic substrate; - optionally providing a layer of inhibitor material on top of or below said layer of seed material (2); and - if necessary, etching excess seed material (2) and/or excess inhibitor material (3), to yield a substrate wherein said seed material (2) and/or said inhibitor material (3) remains selectively in the recesses or on the protrusions of said substrate; and thereafter iv) using said seed material (2) to initiate a metal deposition process.

Providing a plastic substrate with a metallic pattern
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EP20080156833 20080523
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EP2124514 (A1)
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May 23, 2008
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November 25, 2009
Tacken Roland Anthony
Furthner Francois
Peter Maria
Meinders Erwin Rinaldo
H05K 03/10
H05K 03/10
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