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[en] Producing methanol by recycling carbon dioxide from exhaust gas fossil-fired power plants, power plants and other entities, such as cement plants of the cement industry, chemical plants, steel mills from plants of the industry, from biogas and/or biomass plants, comprises mixing the carbon dioxide from the exhaust gas of fossil-fired power plants with hydrogen under the use of a catalyst. Independent claims are included for: (1) a process for producing the electric power, preferably to use in the above process, comprising using at least an additive heat production carrier, as a heat production carrier to fossilize heat production inert combustion process by heat power stations (13), preferably in strong load phases and/or in not sufficiently to the decree of the standing electrical energy from weak wind phases (2) a discharge procedure for network comprising introducing the wind electricity, which should be in strong wind and can lead to an unstable weak load period network security condition in all available electrical power levels and to provide the electrolysis in the process of carbon dioxide power carrier technology for the recovery of carbon dioxide from the storage of renewable energy in the form of methanol and (3) energy production plants comprising at least a fossilized heat production inert power station, at least a dispatcher- and/or distributor station, at least a wind and/or water power operated power station and/or a solar power station, at least an electrolysis plant to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen, at least a storage station for carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen and at least a methanol production plant for the execution of the methanol synthesis.

[de] Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur Herstellung von Methanol durch die Verwertung von Kohlendioxid aus dem Abgas fossil befeuerter Kraftwerke, Heizkraftwerke und anderer Emittenten, wie z.B. aus Zementwerken der Zementindustrie, aus chemischen Anlagen, Stahlwerken aus Anlagen der Industrie, aus Biogas- und/oder Biomasseanlagen oder dergleichen, wobei Kohlendioxid aus dem Abgas der fossil befeuerten Kraftwerke für eine Methanolsynthese mit regenerativ gewonnenem Wasserstoff vermischt und unter Verwendung von Katalysatoren in Methanol umgesetzt wird.

[fr] Procédé de fabrication de méthanol en utilisant du dioxyde de carbone à partir de gaz déchappement dinstallations de production dénergie à fonctionnement fossile
[de] Verfahren zur Herstellung von Methanol durch Verwertung von Kohlendioxid aus Abgasen fossil betriebener Energieerzeugungsanlagen
[en] Method for producing methanol by recovering carbon dioxide from exhaust gases of energy generation facilities powered by fossil fuels
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2100869 (A1)
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March 10, 2009
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September 16, 2009
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