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The proposed system allows the automatic remote provisioning of servers. Using a system, when a new out-of-the-box server is connected to a network, an operating system and applications are supposed to be automatically deployed on it, without further manual action. To achieve this, the system supports storing server provisioning and configuration information in a central database, and associating this information with specific physical serves; automatically retrieving the suitable provisioning and configuration information for a server when it connects to the network; and automatically deploying and starting the applications defined in the provisioning and configuration information on the server.

Method and system for automatic and remote server provisioning using virtual machine appliances
Application Number
EP20070117481 20070928
Publication Number
2043320 (A1)
Application Date
September 28, 2007
Publication Date
April 1, 2009
Kotsovinos Evangelos
Univ Berlin Tech
Deutsche Telekom
H04L 29/06
H04L 29/06
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