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A Trusted Service Manager (TSM) receives installation requests (INST) from Service Providers (SPx) comprising an application (APPx), a Service Provider identifier (SPx-ID) and an identifier (MOx-ID) of a target mobile communication device (MOx) that is equipped with a memory device (MIF) to store the application (APPx). The Trusted Service Manager (TSM) transmits the application (APPx) to the target mobile communication device (MOx) and keeps a repository (REP) of the received applications (APPx), their associated service provider identifiers (SPx-ID) and their associated target mobile communication device identifiers (MOx-ID).; If the Trusted Service Manager (TSM) receives queries (QU) from a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) asking for the Service Providers associated with a specific mobile communication device identifier (MOx-ID) it retrieves from the repository (REP) those Service Providers (SPx) that are associated with the queried mobile communication device identifier (MOx-ID).

Trusted service manager managing reports of lost or stolen mobile communication devices
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EP20070291155 20070927
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2043060 (A1)
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September 27, 2007
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April 1, 2009
G07F 07/10
G07F 07/10
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