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A surgical operating apparatus includes a sheath (18) having a distal end portion and a proximal end portion, a shaft-shaped probe body (11) which is inserted in the sheath (18) and in which ultrasonic vibration is transmitted, a jaw (17) which is rotatably supported on the distal end portion of the sheath (18) and has a first electrode section which is one of bipolar electrodes, a probe distal end portion (3a) which is provided at the distal end portion of the probe body (11), is engaged with the jaw (17), and constitutes a second electrode section which is the other of the bipolar electrodes, and a driving member (19) including a tubular body section (221), which is inserted in the sheath (18) slidably in an axial direction of the sheath (18), and an operation section (222) which is provided on a distal end side of the body section (221) and has a connection section (223); for connection to the jaw (17), the driving member (19) rotating the jaw (17) by a sliding operation of the body section (221), wherein a tube body of the body section (221) has, on an inner peripheral surface side thereof, an insulation tube (24) which effects electrical insulation between the probe body (11) and the body section (221), and the insulation tube (24) has a projection portion (228) which projects forward of the body section (221).

Surgical operating apparatus
Application Number
EP20080016275 20080916
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2042112 (A2)
Application Date
September 16, 2008
Publication Date
April 1, 2009
Masuda Shinya
Olympus Medical Systems
A61B 17/32
A61B 17/32
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