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An electronic module (10), especially a system-on-module, comprises a printed circuit board (12) and a casing (14) made of a material having a low thermal resistance. According to one aspect, the casing (14) includes at least two casing components (18, 20) mounted together. The printed circuit board (12) is pressed between the casing components (18, 20). According to a further aspect, one or more devices (16) provided on the printed circuit board (12), preferably the device(s) developing the most heat during use of the electronic module (10), are directly thermally coupled to the casing (14), in particular to a cover (20) of the casing (14).

Electronic module
Application Number
EP20080000810 20080117
Publication Number
1947921 (A1)
Application Date
January 17, 2008
Publication Date
July 23, 2008
Schmitz Manfred
Men Mikro Elektronik
H05K 07/20
H05K 07/20
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