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A method for performing inter-frequency or inter-system measurements based on reception of multimedia broadcast or multicast service (MBMS) information includes: preset a cell quality threshold; a user equipment (UE) in reception of MBMS services receives MBMS information uninterruptedly and screens inter-frequency or inter-system measurements on inter-frequency or inter-system cells when the quality of the current serving cell of the UE is above the preset cell quality threshold. In accordance with the method, the present invention also discloses a user equipment (UE). With the invention, it is possible to accurately estimate the performance of a UE in receiving MBMS services and avoid meaningless inter-firequency measurements, thus ensuring the performance of the UE in receiving MBMS services.

Method for terminal different frequency/different system measurement and user terminal
Application Number
EP20060805042 20061024
Publication Number
1947779 (A1)
Application Date
October 24, 2006
Publication Date
July 23, 2008
Yin Liyan
Huawei Tech
H04B 07/00
H04B 07/00
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