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The system has two inverters (3) turned on over alternating current lines by a common automatic network isolating device (1) at electricity mains. The network isolating device has a measuring circuit (2) for measuring insulation resistances of solar generators (5) in comparison with earth, where the generators are attached to the inverters. Each inverter has bypass lines for bypassing service sections (4), and high impedance resistors (R3, R4) are arranged at the bypass lines. An independent claim is also included for a method for operating a photovoltaic system.

Photovoltaic facility with insulating resistance measurement of solar generators and method for operating the same
Application Number
EP20070111774 20070705
Publication Number
1887675 (A2)
Application Date
July 5, 2007
Publication Date
February 13, 2008
Reschenauer Stefan
Reithmayer Franz
Siemens Oesterreich
H02M 07/48
H02J 03/38
H02J 03/38
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