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An electrode sealing assembly is designed for use with an electrosurgical instrument for sealing tissue and includes first and second jaw members each having an insulative housing and being movable from a first position in spaced relation relative to one another to at least one second position for grasping tissue therebetween. Each of the jaw members includes an electrically conductive sealing member disposed within the respective insulative housing. At least one of the insulative housings includes at least one tissue engaging surface configured to extend beyond the electrically conductive sealing member of one of the jaw members.; The tissue engaging surface of the insulative housing cooperates with the opposing insulative housing of the opposing jaw member to both pinch and spread tissue when the jaw members are moved to the second position to decrease extraneous energy transmittance to tissue surrounding the jaw members.

Electrosurgical instrument that directs energy delivery and protects adjacent tissue
Application Number
EP20070010672 20070530
Publication Number
1862138 (A1)
Application Date
May 30, 2007
Publication Date
December 5, 2007
Weinberg Craig
Sharp Robert
Couture Gary M
A61B 18/14
A61B 18/14
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