1850627-A1 cites 2 patents.

The method involves associating power attenuations to reference points (M alpha) corresponding to two sensors (9a, 9b). Reception powers are measured by using the sensors corresponding to signal emitted by a terminal (7). A sub-assembly of localization points near to the terminal is determined from the reference points using relative power associated to the reference points, where the sub-assembly defines a localization zone of the terminal in a geographic zone (1). Independent claims are also included for the following: (1) a system for determining a localization zone of a terminal with respect to a determined geographic region (2) a computer program comprising program code instructions for executing steps of a localization zone determining method.

System and method of determining the location of a terminal in relation to a given geographical region.
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EP20070107060 20070426
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1850627 (A1)
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April 26, 2007
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October 31, 2007
Ansel Pierre
Francfort Stanislas
France Telecom
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H04W 64/00
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