1844739-A1 is referenced by 21 patents and cites 4 patents.

A stent delivery system (200) for delivering a self-expanding stent (202) includes a keel (216). The keel (216) is used to pass a pushrod (204) and a guidewire (218) into a sheath (206) through the tubular sidewall of the sheath, i.e., not through the lumen opening at the proximal end (206P) of the sheath (206). Accordingly, the entire length of travel of the proximal end of the sheath (206) during deployment of the stent is not required to be inside of the handle (212), allowing the handle to be short. Since the handle (212) is short, the handle is easy to manipulate.

Short handle for a long stent
Application Number
EP20070007610 20070413
Publication Number
1844739 (A1)
Application Date
April 13, 2007
Publication Date
October 17, 2007
Pryor Jack
Medtronic Vascular
A61F 02/82
A61F 02/84
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