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An electrical machine to facilitate transporting fluids through a pipeline is provided. The machine includes a stator (122), a rotor (120) magnetically coupled to the stator, and a housing (106) enclosing the rotor and the stator. The housing includes a wall (162) that facilitates channeling a first fluid at a first pressure through a portion (105) of the housing. The machine also includes a stator enclosure (200) defined by at least one wall that facilitates maintaining a second fluid within the stator enclosure. The stator enclosure is positioned within the electric machine housing. The stator enclosure has at least one wall that substantially isolates the second fluid from the first fluid such that only the second fluid is in flow communication with the stator. The stator enclosure has at least one wall that facilitates heat transfer from the second fluid to the first fluid.; At least a portion of at least one of the stator enclosure walls is configured to facilitate equalizing the first pressure and the second pressure.

Methods and apparatus for using an electrical machine to transport fluids through a pipeline
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EP20070102570 20070216
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1826887 (A2)
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February 16, 2007
Publication Date
August 29, 2007
Weeber Konrad Roman
Yagielski John R
Gerstler William Dwight
Jarczynski Emil Donald
Fogarty James Michael
Wilson Blake Weldon
Kaminski Christopher Anthony
Gen Electric
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