The invention relates to a method for producing layers located on a hybrid circuit, wherein said hybrid circuit comprises a substrate (20) and at least one elementary circuit (22) comprising a first face and a second face by which it is hybrided to the substrate face. The inventive method consists in covering said first substrate face and each elementary circuit with a first layer (24), in removing the first layer from the first face of the elementary circuit, in covering the first face and the remaining portion of the first layer by a second layer (28) and in removing said remaining portion and the second layer which covers it. Said invention can be used for producing an antireflective or metal layer on a chip.

Method for producing layers located on a hybrid circuit
Application Number
EP20040791517 20041013
Publication Number
1800338 (A1)
Application Date
October 13, 2004
Publication Date
June 27, 2007
Mathieu Lydie
Rambaud Philippe
Marion Francois
Commissariat Energie Atomique
H01L 31/0216
H01L 25/16
H01L 23/28
H01L 21/02
H01L 31/0216
H01L 25/16
H01L 23/31
H01L 21/56
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