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A fluid leak detector is provided for a double carcass hose line segment (14, 22) and includes a sensor housing (50) defined by sidewalls externally mounted to the hose line segment and having an internal housing chamber in communication with the collection space (90). An optical sensor (40) is mounted through at least one sensor housing sidewall (48) and positions an optical sensing element means within the sensor housing chamber for detecting a presence of fluid in the hose collection space (90). The optical sensor further includes analysis element means (44) connecting to the optical sensing element means (40) and positioned outside of the sensor housing one wall, the analysis means generating data indicative of the fluid status within the hose collection space (90); and transmitter element means (46) connecting to the analysis means (44) for receiving data from the analysis element means and transmitting the data to at least one remote receiver. The optical sensing element means is electrically isolated from the analysis means and comprises at least one optical fiber (51) positioned to make contact with fluid leaking into a collection space (90) between the two carcasses (84, 86) of the hose.

Leak detection system and method for offshore hose lines
Application Number
EP20060125705 20061208
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1795879 (A2)
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December 8, 2006
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June 13, 2007
de Carvalho Cesar Cosenza
Moreno Airton Domingos
Werneck Marcelo Martins
Sanches Luis Roberto Flores
de Lucena Waldir Pereira
Spaolonzi Mauricio Pinto
Goodyear Tire &Amp
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G01M 03/38
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